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* Could I get price info?
- The price depends on the brand-model and the design of your own preference because it is an hand-made , customized work. Think it like getting a tattoo. For this reason, I recommend you have direct contact...

* Do you have stock ?
- i dont have stock, i am making them by order

* Which material is it composed of?
- It is made by using special stainless steel and special kind of woods

* Do you have standart design?
- Yes i have signature design called "Exotic Shine" you can see it usually on my works.

* What i need to let you know when i contact you?

- Firstly i need to know:
   Where do u located (country). For which Guitar/Bass do you looking for my pickguards. If you send to me your guitar's picture i will be glad. Which kind design in your mind? (if you dont have an idea for design, dont worry i will find best for you)

* How the process of ordering your works?
- As you know there is no price or stock list, so you have to contact me directly and we decide to best design for you together. 

* Can you do it for all guitar and bass guitar models?
- Yes 

* Can you do for "control plate", "trus rod cover", "back plate" or etc. other parts of guitars?
- Yes

* There is no pickguard on the original version of my guitar, can we make a design according to my guitar? And I don’t want to drill a hole in my guitar, how can we do it?
-Yes, we can. It will take a while longer but we can. We do not need to pierce an hole in your guitar, it can be fixed with double side bant with no damage to your guitar.

* What is your average time of built?
-My process  takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the design of your preference.

* Can you make shipment to any country?
- yes, shipment is almost made to any country.

* How do you make shipping? What about delivery days? Do i need to do anything for customs?
- I use faster and secure shipping, it deliver to you in 4-7 days for all countries. No you dont need to do anything for customs, my package will deliver to your house.

* How is the thickness and weight?
- Thickness: max 2mm. The weight changes according to the model, and yet it is twice as much your original Pickguard. 

* Does it make any damage when I put it on my guitar?
-No. Absolutely it does not cause any damage. It will be screwed and fixed on the same holes as it is on your original pickguard.  

* Do I have any problem when playing Slap since it is metal?
-No you do not.

* Does it have any effect on the tone of my guitar? Does it have any harm on the pickup as it surrounds pickup (magnetic) periphery?
- It has no effect on the tone of your guitar, it only adds a little sustain, and this is quite a good one! Also there is no problem as the used material is special, conductive and non-magnetic material.

* How can we contact you in the fastest way?
- You can contact me via e-mail but for the fastest and the most uninterrupted way; you can send message on my page so that I can response you in the shortest time. And you should write me on my site left bottom side online chat section. 

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